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Traitor stuff or Detective stuff?

(04-28-2014, 12:15 AM)Master_Revan Wrote:
(04-24-2014, 11:50 PM)Hoody Nanners Wrote:
(04-24-2014, 09:30 PM)Icarus Wrote: .... Traitor Rocket Launcher..

not sure if we need a rocket launcher i do like the idea of a rocket launcher but i feel it will be OP somewhat but maybe the truth gun could be added

The rocket launcher would just lead too traitors killing each over.

Praise The Sun

[Image: eALONjN.png]

oribital base cannon/gun Pretty bad ass and alil op but when you pull the gun out its pretty obivilous :3

OMG yes white wolf I would like a bass cannon

Stay awesome and NTH
stay awesome and NTH

(05-03-2014, 05:17 AM)Hoody Nanners Wrote: OMG yes white wolf I would like a bass cannon

Stay awesome and NTH

three for bass cannons XD

I think more Detective item like move around or guard dog
[Image: ca669e9a3c1e4a004154d17ec12f1b5cc3660efc.png]

i have a few suggestions for the detective (these all exist on other servers i've played on) who seems to be lacking more toys to play with than the Ts:

1. portable med kit (heals 25 and recharges faster but only heals one person and carries a maximum of 100 charges)

Why it would be good:

health stations have become ever so more viable since the introduction of the poison dart but the issue with them is a detective can easily inadvertently heal traitors. The health station can also be easily destroyed or replaced by death stations leading to unnecessary KOSes and anger among players. The portable allows the detective to make smart choices on who deserves to be healed, and with the bonus to also heal himself

2. Super Fists (basically a detective version of the knife)

Why it would be good:

it is mostly for fun; it isn't very effective nor is it completely useless; when the detective gets dna or has undeniable proof it can offer him a quick and easy kill vs a traitor and its pretty fun (reminds me of duke nuke 'em)

3. A detective sniper rifle (there are several i believe)

Why it would be good:

it would help counter games where the traitors are constantly AWPing or just sniping (such as rooftops or waterworld). The detective would get a more powerful rifle and could take out obvious Ts or those with KOSes called on them without having to get a headshot every time

Another detective suggestion i have that may or may not be relevant.

--This is completely up to Fryman.

When there are 3 traitors and 1 detective or 5 traitors and 2 detectives i was wondering if the detectives should get two credits instead of the normal one. It would not give them a huge advantage, but enough to even the odds. I know the solo traitor gets 3 credits so i figured this wouldn't be out of the realm of reason

A good traitor/detective item could be the Grapple Gun. It'd be pretty great, providing more mobility and fun to the game.

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