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Mod Abuse

I used to absolutely love playing on this server with friends and recently I got on because I had recognized the server and wanted to play. As soon as I got on I was met with hostility. I was RDM'd on my T round by a user whose name I think was ShadowWulf. I admit at this point I did revenge RDM because I didn't think staff was on and that there would be no punishment, at that point I was slain for the revenge RDM, which I respected the decision. On the next map, I was berated constantly by SNEK and OmniWulf. They called me numerous names saying I was being a cunt, and an asshole, when all I did was type "ez" in the chat. I understand this can be seen as potential harassment so I stopped doing so. And I did not spam "ez" either. I was told by SNEK that I was "just getting on everyone's nerves". I asked why I was being attacked and the individuals stated it was because I began harassing them. I told them I didn't think saying "ez" would be an issue since OmniWulf had done it previously and received no backlash for it. Again I had asked why I was being attacked and then I was RDM'd, and then banned directly after. Before I was banned I spoke with the Moderator *Screaming Noises*, who had told me he received a report of toxic chats, in which he did not provide an example after I had asked, so that I could avoid the "toxic chat". So at this point, I have no idea who banned me. I think it may have been the *Screaming Noises* mod, but then again it may have been SNEK if he was a mod. This is a clear-cut case of admin abuse and absolutely ruined the fun. The entire community was completely toxic the entire time. Below is a copy of the case
[Image: us.jpg]
04-24-21 14:05
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[Image: us.jpg]
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04-24-21 14:05
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04-25-21 14:05
Imapropriate Chat
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GmodGaming.com - Raz0rsEdge TTT FU
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