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The Prince is here!

(Because why the hell not.)

Yo, your beloved Prince Daemon here. (Pronounced day-min, not demon or Damien, damn you all)

You might all know me from the prophunt/prophunters server, as that's my favorite game mode (and the only one I'm halfway decent at). You may all refer to me as M'lord, prince Daemon, or your highness. I am declaring myself the official Prince on the Edge. Let no one else be crowned anything but a false prince.

Eheh, in all seriousness, I love new friends and I'm one of those players that likes to mic chat over game, so feel free to add me sometime. And if I'm not online often, it's because full-time work sucks.

Ciao, bello.

Gasp '~ it's my son . Well I'm not a queen on here xD but welcome to the forums daemon ^_^ enjoy


Hey Prince.

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy

Hello mother~

And thank you Fry. ^w^

I misss youuuuu , i meet too fix my internet .-.


Mother...what did we say about meeting things?

In all seriousness, I miss you too. You need to fix your internet, reinstall your Garry's Mod, and rejoin our kingdom! Things haven't been the same without you on our team~

Indeed i do , and i shall be on quite soon (: !


(06-29-2014, 01:26 AM)Lady Elizabeth Wrote: Indeed i do , and i shall be on quite soon (: !


Definitely agree, Get your buns in here! lol

Lots of new fun cool stuff too

Haha ^_^ I'm on it ! Cant wait to talk too you all soon .(:


And now, for an update, your new moderator is here! Now known on the servers as "The Phantom Prince", I've acquired modly powers, so you must all listen to my commands! Or...at least be nice to me now. XD

Anyways, lookin forward to playing with ya'll. I promise not to abuse my modly powers too much ^w^

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