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never got around to doing this

everyone it's whitewolffire now know as the amazing BlueroseWoodcoffee ;3 people always trust me cuz im sooooo fabulous (insert sarcasm and evil laughter) i havent really bothered much with the forums too much if you want to talk you can probably catch me on steam more than anything. :3 im the perfect angel Angel
so dont worry about me. ill just chill in the background. okay not really. I don't mind people until they get on my bad side and once someone gets there its hard for them to get out of it for the rest of the day. If you ever get too that point with me which is diffcult as hell too do leave me alone for a day and then the next ill be cooled down and not ready to light you on fire ^^. so yeah thats kinda all da Internets needs too know about me today :3

you finally joined the mods group wolfie ^.^
[Image: 44082d0ae75424746216f9982e6318b5.jpg]- Signed Insanerosewood

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