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Add some rules.

We all have experienced some kind of conflict with someone on the server about a rule that isn't in the !rules command. So could we all please agree on some rules that should be added to the rules prompt.

I say we add:

Spectator is not a team
Leaving and coming back to avoid a gag\mute.

Also from the older staff members I've heard fake ghosting isn't allowed either, which I've had conflicts with some players with when they look and say that fake ghosting isn't against the rules. I think "ghosting" in terms of prop hunt should be defined a bit better just so that there isn't too much interpretation and bending of rules. Other players give away hints about what prop a player is or where he/she is hiding and that may be seen as ghosting in some cases but other players don't see it as ghosting. These revisions should be applied to both servers.

EDIT: I do realize Rule 11. is "Do not say what or where a prop is if you are dead. (You must be a hunter and alive to reveal a props location)" but it doesn't say anything about hinting about a prop which is what I was getting at.

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