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Harsh Noise Daddy rdm

He randomly came up to me and started shooting at me without knowing I was a Traitor. So then I pulled out an awp AFTER he started shooting then he killed me. He had no idea I was a Traitor, I also witnessed him rdm the Detective.

What is said persons name as it appears in game?
[Image: heoXMWQ.png]

Other than giving a name, can you tell me which TTT server it was? We have two of them belonging to Raz0rs. Its either Raz0rs Edge TTT FU or Raz0rs Edge TTT Vanilla. Without a name or server, I probably can find a guy who fits the description you gave us within time, but I can not gurantee that he will be the correct player or if I will find a player at all.

Information what will be helpful:
- Name of Player
- Server
- Date and time of incident (guess the time, but I can do without time.)
- Map(s) if possible

EDIT: Oh wait is the name of the guy Harsh Noise Daddy? I'm guessing this from the title of the thread xD. But if it is, other information would be helpful please ;3;

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