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New DarkRP Server

Raz0rsEdge DarkRP

Join us on Discord!

Staff Needed!
Any Suggestions welcome

General Rules

Do not disrespect players, This includes being racist and/or sexually harassing players.
Don't do anything/threaten to harm the server or players, Jokes are not exempt from this rule.
Don't involve yourself in Admin situations if you're not involved in the first place
Do not ban evade. Joining on an alternative account to avoid a ban (no matter the ban time) is a permanent bannable offense.
Using a bug/exploit to your own advantage will result in a ban. Please report it to a Staff member so they can get it fixed.
Don't attempt to prop climb, surf, kill, push or spam
Don't ever take what needs to be an Admin situation into your own hands. Contact a Staff member via # <message>
You can also contact us on discord. http://raz0rsedge.com/discord
Do not use the job feature to spawn shipments for solely yourself (self-supply) or friends, or to gain an advantage (i.e police to get a gun); this is job abuse.
Do not steal during transaction. This means taking the money from the user or the shipments/weapons they have purchased.
You may not spam smoke grenades whether it be in an open facility or in somebody's store unless you're being raided.
You may grant yourself a weapon while you hand out your services, but you may not supply yourself weapons to use as another job.

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