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Prop Hunt Rules


1. No cheating
2. No glitching (such as hiding inside another object or texture which makes you invisible)
3. You must be completely visable as a prop
4. You can NOT hide in an unaccessible spot
5. You can not go to areas that are out of bounds for a map.
(such as jumping off a wall to the outside area of a map or illegal zone)
6. No excessive use of foul language
7. No Racism
8. No ghosting (automatic perma ban)
9. No mic or chat spamming or voice changers allowed
10. It is not required to taunt on this server.
(also do not give away a props location just because they won't taunt.)
11. Do not say what or where a prop is if you are dead.
(You must be a hunter and alive to reveal a props location)
12. No trolling
13. You are Not allowed to switch teams to avoid being a hunter
14. No nudity in sprays
15. Sexual references is not allowed
16. You are NOT allowed to hide under cars unless all 4 tires are full of air
17. If you have a problem with a player, talk with an admin and do not start a fight
18. You can only sit in Spectator for up to 1 map
(Unless you are Staff or a Donator such as Vip, Pro, Mod etc)

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