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Spew... That guy u know from that place

Saw the thread and thought why not! So im a 15 year old guy who lives in the great amazing humid weather of Texas (insert sarcasm over there). Im a sophomore nerd who procrastinates (just like almost every other human) and loves to play videogames. I've played since i was literally about 5 maybe 4 by playing games like mario, sonic, tmnt, and conkers bad fur day. I enjoy playing almost every type of game. I currectly play a lot of world of warcraft, skyrim, minecraft, garrys Mod, and Dark Souls. I like talking and playing with others but can also have a short fuse sometimes... I also like to play basketball and paintball but i rarely do now. So thats a basic summary of me, and see u all in the virtual world.
I used to be a little boy who excelled in the art of gaming... Then I took an arrow to the knee.

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