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What a great community!

I joined the deathrun server, and within minutes, I was mocked, called retarded by members, and after they kept taunting me, they muted and gagged me. Then, while I was trying to play, i was accuesed of targetting and hacking, without being able to explain what I was doing.

10/10 would not play again.

Sorry to hear about this. But this issue can be resolved if you can give me the names of the people who harassed you. That type of behaivior is NOT tolerated on this community and we would like to see u back here, But without any Given names of the one's who disrespected u we can't help. So Please if you have any Info Please contact me through Steam The Dark Messiah and i'll see what i or any other admins can sort out.

As my friend with the extremey long name above me said, we can't do much until we get names. Right now without names all we can do is try to tell the general staff and regulars on the deathrun server to behave accordingly but we can't take any action towards those individual players because we don't know the names of the regulars and staff members who were treating you poorly. I'm extremely sorry that this happened to you. I don't usually play deathrun so I'm not familiar with all the staff and regulars on there. I'm extremely disappointed in the staff who treated you this way and when or if we get their names, appropiate action will be taken.

Here's a link to my steam account if you would like to contact me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pinkachucx/

And I'm found moderating usually on these two servers (the first one more than the second one listed) if for some reason you would rather want to talk to me there: 
DMV Original Prop Hunt: (the sister server)
Raz0r's Edge Original Prop Hunt: 

If you provide the names of the people the appropriate action can be taken for them. And again we are sorry for the behavior of the staff of the server

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